With more than 10 years of experience in cell and molecular biology techniques, data analysis, and assay building and optimization, I can help you find, learn, and leverage the latest technologies to their fullest extent.

I have extensively worked and studied molecular biology of eukaryotic cells, primarily focusing on the mutagenesis of embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells, phenotypic screening analytics, and large-scale -omics data production and analysis.

  • Proficient in assay design, optimization, and analysis of: ChIP (including ChIP-seq), Western Blot, PCR (including RT and q), somatic and stem cell culturing, stem cell differentiation, viral production and transduction, RNA-seq and other NGS and HTS techniques, High Content Screening, and more
  • Multiple NGS data modality analysis using R (bioconductor) and Python including population and single-cell RNA-seq for variant calling, functional genomics, and basic transcriptomics along with data and pipeline QC and results’ integration
  • Mathematica, Python, GoLang, and R programming experience for large-scale bioinformatics data analysis, including taking training courses in Python


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