Large-scale -omics data solutions for local and cloud based database storage, efficient access to public repositories, quality control, commercial and academic licensing information, analysis pipeline structuring, and more!

I have over 10 years of experience in large-scale data access, curation, quality control, and analysis, including single-cell and population NGS, proteomics, phenotypic screening analysis, and database design and implementation.

  • Multiple NGS data modality analysis using R (bioconductor) and Python including population and single-cell RNA-seq for variant calling, functional genomics, and basic transcriptomics along with data and pipeline QC and results’ integration
  • Cloud computing and database storage with GCP, Azure, and AWS
  • Data architecture, indexing, and search design and implementation with Solr, Hadoop, and REST
  • PostgreSQL and SQLite relational database design, management, data curation and validation, and ETL using Aquadata, PGAdmin, and PipelinePilot
  • GitHub, Trello, JIRA, and Basecamp based project tracking for issues, code publication, etc.
  • Natural language processing through Python of PubMed-published data to determine specific candidate datasets for analysis projects


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