DataGrade Solutions is a passion project combining my love for helping people with my extensive knowledge of science, math, and overall personable nature.

It’s me! My name is Daniel. Nice to meet you!

I am a Bioinformatics Scientist holding a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology currently working full-time leveraging controlled terminologies and verified reporting to enrich analytical workflows, run database ETL, and supervise FAIR-forward metadata curation efforts. 10+ years of molecular laboratory experience and technique knowledge coupled with 7+ years of Python, R, Pipeline Pilot, and Go, including packages such as bioconductor, pyspark, etc., production of Jupyter Notebooks for NGS data, and script-based database development and curation.  In addition, I have 13+ years of elementary to graduate level online and in-person teaching and group/one on one tutoring experience in math, science, reading, and test prep along with coaching assistance for students with classroom frustration, boredom, distractions, time management, and other good habit-building techniques. I am Florida teacher certified as of 3/28/2019 for grades 6-12 Math, Chemistry, and Biology courses, but my experience goes well beyond that.

I started DataGrade in early 2021 as a consulting solution to formalize and consolidate additional work and consulting assistance I can provide to pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, and individual families and students from my unique background and training. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or would like clarifications!

For more information and specific contact forms, please take a look at the individual service pages below, or send an inquiry to